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Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
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Member since 1971, National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors

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Links to horological sites

Membership Organizations


   National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors
   The American organization devoted to horological research, education, and the
   advancement of horological knowledge. Local chapters throughout the country,
   bi-monthly publications.  A great way to learn about clocks and meet fine people.


   The British Horological Institute
   One of the world's oldest horological organizations.  A great website, with a lot of
   information available at no charge.  Learn about dozens of chiming tunes in addition
   to Westminster.

Other Interesting Horological Sites

   "Clocks Are Us"
   A very interesting site maintained by a couple of clock enthusiasts.  Emphasis is
   on their collection of American clocks.

   Mark Headrick's Horology Site
   An incredibly rich, well-organized, and informative site about all aspects of
   horology, including how to equip a shop of your own.  DO NOT MISS the link to
   "Escapements in Action" -- it's sensational!
   Articles on Clockmaking and Repair, by John C Losch
   Another very good and comprehensive site devoted to clock repair, this one
   emphasizing historical practices and standards of workmanship.
   Tony Griffiths Lathe Site
   The premier site devoted to the history and use of machine tools, including
   watchmakers lathes and their attachments.
   Clockmakers Newsletter
   A very nice on-line newsletter and forum for anyone interested in clocks or
   clockmaking.  Registration is required.
   Clocks and Time by Gordon Uber
   A terrific table of links to all sorts of horological topics, including worldwide
   publications, museums, newsgroups, and so on.
   Mike's Clock Links
   Don't be misled by the casual-sounding title of this site.  It's chock full of great
   information about clocks and clock repair.  Particularly strong on Atmos clocks
   and 400 day 'Anniversary Clocks.'

If you know of any other good horology sites,
please let me know so I can post them!


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